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Rapier with scabbard
  • Rapier with scabbard
  • Francisco Gomez (active between: c. 1577 - 1599)
  • Toledo and Madrid, Spain
  • c. 1600 (blade)
    1701 (hilt)
  • Steel, silver and leather, chiselled, pierced and engraved
  • Length: 99 cm
    Width: 2 cm
    Weight: 0.82 kg, rapier
    Weight: 0.175 kg, scabbard
  • Inscription: 'HAONRA (sic) · DE · DIOS · ME · FECIT / ESTRADA · EN · MRD · AN · 1701'
    Inscription: 'VIVA FELIPE · S · QUINTO / REY · DESPANIA ·' Engraved
    Inscription: 'FRAN · CISC · O GO / MEZ EN TO · LEDO'
    Maker's mark Trace
  • A655
  • European Armoury III
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  • Of typical Spanish form, but lighter and more delicate than most, this fine rapier is unusual in that it is signed inside the hilt by its maker, Estrada (possibly Francisco Estrada) of Madrid and dated 1701. A further inscription celebrates Philip V, who in 1700 (whilst still Duke of Anjou) was called to the Spanish throne, arriving in Madrid on 18 February, 1701. The blade is also signed, along the central fuller; it was made by Francisco Gomez, a bladesmith working in Toledo towards the end of the sixteenth century.