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Cup-hilt rapier
  • Cup-hilt rapier
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Germany and Italy
  • probably 3rd quarter of 17th century
  • Iron, steel and gold, chiselled and gilded
  • Length: 103.5 cm
    Width: 1.5 cm
    Weight: 0.73 kg
  • Maker's mark Stamped
  • A666
  • European Armoury II
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  • Cup-hilt rapier, the hilt made up of a flattened spherical pommel, hollow, pierced and chased with foliage and animals; grip bound with wire of unusual fineness and divided into four panels by narrow vertical bars; straight quillons, round in section plain, except at the ends which are incised with leaves, and terminate in spherical knobs; deep cup engraved and pierced with great delicacy, with grotesque figures, birds, animals, scrolls, conventional leaves and flowers, the upper edge (not turned over) is bordered with a frieze of like decoration; plain, large hilt arms and knuckle-guard decorated to match the quillons, with a turned moulding in the centre. Single-edged blade of triangular section with cutting edge, converting to diamond section at the point, the back-edge faceted; it is engraved on both sides with the scene of a naval engagement, posy of flowers and birds; the ricasso is stamped on each side with a maker's mark now illegible. There are traces of gilding on the blade.

    German (?), about 1680.

    L' Art Ancien III, no. 368; IV, no. 569.

    Provenance: Frédéric Spitzer.

    Norman and Barne, 1980, p. 179.