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  • Rapier
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Hilt- probably North Europe; blade- probably Germany
  • c. 1620 - c. 1645
  • Steel, blackened
  • Length: 118.1 cm
    Width: 2.1 cm
    Weight: 0.865 kg
  • Incised mark: Half-moon
  • A675
  • European Armoury III
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  • Rapier, the hilt composed of a fluted, elongated olive-shaped pommel, with button; spirally fluted, wire-bound grip; slender quillons curled upwards and inwards and finished with knobs of hexagonal section; fluted escutcheon; hilt-arms under two large, oval shell-guards pierced with quatrefoils to form a trellis. Long, straight blade of diamond section, the ricasso stamped on either side with the half-moon mark.

    About 1620-45; hilt probably North European; blade probably German.

    Norman and Barne, 1980, p. 153. The half-moon, like other Toledo marks, was used by several Solingen bladesmiths (see no. A545, and Weyersberg, Solinger Schwertschmiede, 1926, p. 35). This type of elongated, fluted pommel is sometimes found on English rapiers of this date.