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  • Falchion
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Italy
  • mid 16th century
  • Steel, agate hardstone, iron, leather, silver and gold, chiselled, etched and hatched
  • Length: 61.7 cm, blade
    Width: 4.1 cm, at guard
    Weight: 1.68 kg
    Length: 77 cm
    Balance point: 6.5 cm, forward of the guard block
  • Maker's mark: 'M' in a ship
    Maker's mark Common North Italian mark
  • A710
  • European Armoury I
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Further Reading
  • A magnificent short-sword, of a type known as a ‘falchion’ popular in the sixteenth century for both hunting and ceremonial ‘parade’ use. The sword is listed in an inventory of the old Medici armoury compiled in 1639, its description matching in all respects except with regard to the grip, which is described as being made of leather-bound wood. The present grip is therefore almost certainly a later (nineteenth-century?) replacement. The blade is etched with the arms of Cosimo I de Medici as used between 1546 and 1569.