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Rondel dagger with scabbard
  • Rondel dagger with scabbard
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Germany
  • 1st half of 16th century
  • Iron or steel, wood and leather, filed and tooled
  • Length: 27.3 cm, blade
    Width: 1.3 cm
    Weight: 0.21 kg
  • Maker's mark 6cm from hilt
  • A729
  • European Armoury I
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  • Rondel dagger and scabbard, the circular flat pommel-disk having a slight convex surface with a small reticulated pattern, secured to the hilt by a square washer incised with a diamond; slender, tubular grip incised with a fretted ornament; small oval guard-disk for the hand, bent over at one side parallel with the blade.

    Blade of triangular section with hollowed sides. A maker's mark 2 3/8 inches (6 cm) from the hilt: the same mark appears on A728, to which this dagger bears a close resemblance.

    Wooden scabbard covered with black leather tooled with lines; there are pockets for two small knives (now missing); it is pierced at the back for suspension. The scabbard, being of plain leather tooled only with lines, would appear not to be that catalogued by De Beaumont as ‘garni de cuir empreint defilets croisés en losanges, présente sur sa face deux petites gâmes à coutelets.’

    German, first half of 16th century.

    De Beaumont Catalogue, no. 100; Peterson, daggers and fighting knives, 1968, pI. 16 (A729).

    Provenance: Comte de Nieuwerkerke.

    A dagger with a like mark is in the Musée de l' Armée (Robert, no. J 767, pl. 10, fig. S 127); others are at Dresden (A87-90).

    Some twenty of these daggers are known, four of them still in the Electoral Armoury at Dresden (1899 Cat., no. A87-90) which may be the source whence many of them came.