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Dagger with scabbard
  • Dagger with scabbard
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • 19th century
  • Steel, wood, bronze, gold and velvet, incised, pierced and chased
  • Length: 23.3 cm, blade
    Width: 4.2 cm
    Weight: 0.33 kg
  • Maker's mark
  • A770
  • European Armoury I
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  • Dagger with scabbard, of the so-called ‘Holbein’ type. The hilt, of dark wood, is covered on the front with gilt bronze, pierced and chased in relief with a scene from the legend of William Tell; the ferrule similar in every way to A769; wooden back covered with green velvet; two flat loops at the back for suspension.

    In design and workmanship this piece resembles A769, both are obviously from the same hand; the dagger also bears the same maker's mark. Compare also the daggers and scabbards A768 and A771.

    Schneider, 1977, no. A109, mark illus. fig. 171; entirely 19th century.

    A similar example, dated 1582, was in the collection of F. Engel-Gros (sold Paris, 30 May-1 June, 1921, lot 206).

    A genuine scabbard of this pattern is in the Historisches Museum, Basel, no. 1870-1083 (loc. cit., no. 93), which Schneider dates from about 1570.