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Parrying dagger with scabbard and steel
  • Parrying dagger with scabbard and steel
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • North Europe
  • c. 1610
  • Steel and leather, blued, fluted and pierced
  • Length: 39 cm
    Length: 27.3 cm, blade
    Width: 2.1 cm
    Weight: 0.354 kg, dagger
    Weight: 0.121 kg, scabbard
    Weight: 0.071 kg, steel
  • A779
  • European Armoury III
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  • Parrying dagger with scabbard, made up of a cylindrical pommel of octagonal section with spherical button; square, wire-bound grip (probably modern); bold, curved guard with slight outward bend, oblong in section and widening towards the ends; single-side-ring; the whole of plain blued steel. Blade of diamond section, strongly ridged, fluted and pierced, the ricasso flattened on one side for the thumb.

    Scabbard covered with black leather and mounted with a locket and chape of plain blued steel, the locket carries a pocket for the steel on one side and an oval belt loop on the other. The sharpening-steel is tapered so that it can also be used as an awl.

    Possibly North European, about 1610.