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Dagger with scabbard and byknife
  • Dagger with scabbard and byknife
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Germany
  • c. 1610
  • Steel and leather, blackened
  • Length: 37.4 cm
    Length: 26.7 cm, blade
    Width: 1.27 cm
    Weight: 0.23 kg, dagger
    Weight: 0.135 kg, scabbard
  • A782
  • European Armoury III
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  • Dagger with scabbard, comprising a faceted oviform pommel with small button; wire-bound grip of oval section; short guard of octagonal section with slight horizontal curve and swelling at the ends; small single side-ring; all the mounts being of plain russeted steel; blade of diamond section with strong square ricasso; scabbard covered with black leather in fragmentary condition; faceted locket of russeted steel with loop, or D, diagonally placed; faceted ferrule ending in a knob; a byknife with horizontal, drop-shaped pommel (incised with a stylised face) and flat, single-edged blade, fitted into a opening in the locket.

    German (?), about 1610.

    Provenance: ? E. Juste aîne (Une dague Allemande noire avec couteau, 500 fr.; receipted Bill, 17 June, 1867); ? Comte de Nieuwerkerke.