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  • Pommel
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • c. 1610 - c. 1620
  • Iron or steel, chiselled, perhaps once gilt.
  • Weight: 0.315 kg
  • A876
  • European Armoury III
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  • Pommel of a Sword, oviform, roughly chiselled in high relief on each side with equestrian combats, with castles indicated on the stippled back-ground; the panels are divided by bands of leaves chased in low relief; flat button.

    About 1610-20; nationality uncertain.

    Similar to the pommels of rapiers, A619 and 621.

    There is a similar pommel on a hilt in the Electoral Armoury at Dresden (1899 cat., no. E361, now H.M.D. VI/49) ; another in the Musée de l' Armée, Paris (no. J.184; Mariaux, 1927, pl. XI, 3) ; and a third in the K. Livrustkammar, Stockholm, which is believed to have belonged to the Chancellor, Count Axel Oxenstierna, 1583-1654 (no. 1959; Seitz, Blankwaffen, II, fig. 59 left).