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Serving knife
  • Serving knife
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Italy
  • c. 1480
  • Iron or steel, bronze, gold and silver, engraved and blackened
  • Length: 31 cm, blade
    Width: 6.1 cm, minimum
    Width: 7.6 cm, maximum
    Weight: 0.295 kg
  • Inscription: 'LACES CITA · PATIENTIA I FIT FVROR SE[A]PE' 'Patience provoked often becomes rage'
    Inscription: 'NE QVID NI MIS' 'Nothing too much'
    Maker's mark
  • A889
  • European Armoury I
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  • Serving knife (présentoir), the handle of bronze silvered, a flat oblong in section, tapering slightly towards the blade. It is decorated with panels of Renaissance vase ornament in low relief on a blackened background, the sides inscribed:

    ('Patience provoked often becomes rage')

    There is a square gilt panel on either side of the pommel, one bearing a plain shield, the other inscribed:

    ('Nothing too much')

    The broad, flat, two-edged, symmetrical blade, rounded at the end, fits into the broadened socket of the hilt, which is engraved with foliage. It bears two marks, of which the second may be that of the maker; it resembles the mark upon the sword A699.

    The authenticity of this piece has been doubted. The handle is very small for a presentoir.

    Lièvre Musée Graphique (pl. 17); Lièvre, Musées et collections, 1 Ser., pI. 58 (Nieuwerkerke); Lièvre, Collections célèbres, pI. 86.

    Provenance: D. A. Kuhn (?) (un présentoir du XVIe siècle, 600 fr.; receipted bill, 28 February, 1867–this bill may refer to the présentoir, no. A890) Comte de Nieuwerkerke.