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  • Mace
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Germany
  • c. 1470
  • Steel, copper alloy, cord and leather, inlaid
  • Length: 39.5 cm, from the guard
    Weight: 1.24 kg
  • A978
  • European Armoury I
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  • Mace, of Gothic fashion, the head has six small flanges, each drawn out to an acute angle and delicately shaped, pierced with trefoils, and broken with small architectural mouldings. It is surmounted by a leaf-shaped copper alloy cap. Hexagonal haft, each plane inlaid with a strip of copper alloy; the grip, round in section, bound with cord and leather thongs, is protected by the flat steel guard of hexagonal shape; a circular disk at the end is secured by a brass rosette.

    South German, about 1470.

    Gazette des Beaux-Arts, lère, xxiv, 1868, p. 423, no. 181, and pI. facing p. 422, Hefner-Alteneck, Waffen, 1903, pl. 67 D, E, F. Viollet-le-Duc VI, pp. 197-8; Beaumont Catalogue, pl. 10; Laking, European Armour III. fig. 879.
    Provenance: Georg Wittemann of Geisenheim; Louis Carrand (Une masse d' armes gothique en fer incrusté de cuivre, 300 fr.; receipted bill, 6 August, 1867); Comte de Nieuwerkerke.