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  • Cranequin
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Nuremberg, German
  • c. 1580
  • Iron or steel, wood, gold and leather, etched and gilded
  • Weight: 2.27 kg
  • Maker's mark: Star surmounted with 'H W'
  • A1056
  • European Armoury III
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  • Cranequin or rack, with a curved handle made of diamond section etched with foliage, the grip of wood; the ratchet deeply channelled, and pierced with two holes at the end for the missing belt-hook, is etched on one side with a panel of hares and hounds among foliage on a granulated ground; the wheel and its case are similarly decorated with the addition of birds and animals, showing traces of gilding; pivoted claw with a leather binding to ease friction. The wheel-case is stamped with the maker's mark, a star surmounted with the letters H W. The winding- handle, which is etched with decoration for the greater part of its length, is curved at the outer end and has a turned wooden handle. The pointed leaf, which originally hung between the hooks, used for lining up, is missing (compare A1057).

    German (Nuremberg), about 1580.

    Provenance: See under A1034.

    The same mark occurs on many other racks, e.g. at the Royal Armouries (XI.23); on dated 1579, with the arms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, is in the German Historical Museum at Berlin; another of the same date was in the Wartburg, no. 500; one dated 1584 is in the Metropolitan Museum, New York; and others are at Solothurn, no. 625; Cleveland Museum (ex-Zschille), no. G. 9; Hermitage (Lenz, p. 221, O. 23); and the Armourers' Company, London, no. 120. (Exhibited with no. A1034.)

    Grabowska, 'Trzy okazy renesansowej broni myśliwskiej z decoracja trawiona', Studia do Dziejów dawnego uzbrojenia i ubioru wojskowego, IV, 1969, pp. 25-53, listing thirteen specimens bearing the same mark with dates between 1570 and 1589.

    The mark is recorded by N. Støckel, no. 3157.