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Wheel-lock gun with ramrod
  • Wheel-lock gun with ramrod
  • Attributed to Christian Reich (active between: c. 1661 - c. 1680) , (barrel)
  • Suhl, Germany
  • c. 1660
  • Steel and walnut, engraved
  • Length: 114.3 cm, overall
    Length: 89.6 cm, barrel
    Width: 1.3 cm, calibre
    Weight: 2.98 kg
  • Maker's mark: The hen of Suhl
    Maker's mark: Illegible
    Maker's mark: A bunch of flowers
    Maker's mark: The word SVL for Suhl
    Inscription: '1550' Probably altered from 1650 or 1660.
    Inscription: 'I.S'
  • A1102
  • European Armoury III
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  • Wheel-lock gun, with an octagonal barrel of bright steel, stamped at the breech with two maker's marks, and those of Henneberg and Suhl. The backsight is missing. Blade fore-sight. The fore-end is a restoration.

    Lock with external wheel held in position by a semi-circular bearing-plate. The only decoration is a monster's head engraved on the jaws of the cock, which has a long cocking spur to the top jaw. Release button to the pan-cover spring. The workmanship is of the finest quality.

    Stock of German fashion, of dark Italian walnut, carved in low relief with military scenes. On the cheek-piece is the figure of Mars in his chariot, on the near side between the screws securing the lock is a coat of arms bearing a mason's set-square above a bird, and further forward a small panel showing a duel with swords in a wood. This last composition is balanced on the opposite side by a cannon with gunner and breast-works. The cover of the butt-trap shows two soldiers among trees, and above is a narrow frieze with an agricultural scene. In front of the trigger-guard is a large grotesque mask, while the front and rear ramrod pipes are carved with masks in one piece with the stock; the centre pipe is of plain steel. On the bottom edge of the butt is the date 1550, which has probably been altered from 1650 or 1660. At a point where the breech-strap of the barrel joins the stock are the initials I.S. There is the usual knob on the heel-plate to prevent damage to the butt. The trigger-guard is indented for the fingers, and there is a hair-trigger. The ramrod is a restoration.

    German (Suhl), about 1660.

    Compare the stock of A1103, which is by the same hand. For a note on the manufacture of Suhl, see A1163.

    The first mark is the hen of Suhl (compare N. Støckel, III, pp. 1706-7); the second mark is illegible; the third, apparently a bunch of flowers, resembles N. Støckel, II, p. 1022, no. a8123, attributed to Christian Reich (or Reichs) working at Osterwick (now Rosendahl) in Westphalia, active 1661 to about 1680. If this is the same as Støckel, no. a 6242, it is recorded on another Suhl barrel. The fourth mark is the word SVL for Suhl.