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Cased flint-lock rifle with accessories
  • Cased flint-lock rifle with accessories
  • Nicolas Noël Boutet (1761 - 1833)
  • Versailles, France
  • c. 1805
  • Steel, gold, walnut, silver, whale-bone, ivory, morocco leather, velvet, horn and wood, inlaid, gilded, engraved and carved
  • Length: 102 cm, overall
    Length: 59.3 cm, barrel
    Width: 1.3 cm, calibre
    Weight: 3.61 kg
  • Maker's mark: Marks of the maker Boutet
    Stamp: '290'
    Stamp: 'Man. Vlles.'
    Inscription: 'BOUTET'
    Inscription: 'A VERSAILLES'
    Stamp: The first standard mark for silver made in the departments for the period 1798 - 1809
    Stamp: The poinçon de garantie for silver made in the Departments fom 1798 - 1809
    Maker's mark: 'A diamond-shaped punch, its long vertical axis, containing a pistol fesse-wise in the centre, its butt ot the dextor; above is the letter N and below it the letter B.
    Inscription: A Gothic R surmounted by an Imperial crown
    Inscription: 'Boutet à Versilles Manufactre Impériale'
    Stamp: Diamond-shaped punch, its long axis vertical, containing an object consisting of a ball on which stands a tapering obelisk with a smaller ball at the top with tiny rays diverging from it, on the left side of the obelisk is the letter J, on the right is a B.
    Stamp: The mark of the Association des Orfèvres of 1793 - 4, a full-face woman's head and neck with a small capital letter P to her right in an oval punch.
  • A1126
  • European Armoury III
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