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Flint-lock gun with ramrod
  • Flint-lock gun with ramrod
  • Nicolas Noël Boutet (1761 - 1833)
  • Versailles, France
  • 1805 - 1809
  • Twist steel, silver, gold, walnut, ebony, whalebone and copper alloy, blued, inlaid, engraved and chiselled
  • Length: 137 cm, overall
    Length: 97.5 cm, barrel
    Width: 1.6 cm, calibre
    Weight: 2.63 kg
  • Maker's mark: Boutet mark
    Inscription: 'Boutet Directeur Artiste Manufre. A Versailles'
    Inscription: 'Boutet Directeur Artiste Manufre. A Versailles'
    Stamp: Marks denoting 1st standard silver, medium excise and the maker
  • A1129
  • European Armoury III
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  • Flint-lock gun, almost an exact replica of A1128, with only slight differences in the decoration.

    Barrel of watered steel.

    Lock: The gold decoration on the lock-plate shows a fight between a dog and a wolf, and other dog pursuing a pheasant; on the cock is a bird on a branch, on the steel a wolf, as well as other minor differences from A1128.

    Mounts: on the scutcheon are engraved the Royal Arms of Spain, with, on an oval shield in pretence, the eagle of the French Empire. The medallion on the ramrod socket is chiselled with the interlaced initials J N surmounted by a crown. There is no poinçon de garantie. The ramrod has a large, horn tip mounted on a silver collar.

    French (Versailles), 1805-10.

    Provenance: Joseph Bonaparte; this or a very similar gun was illustrated in L' art ancien, no. 613, as the property of Ch. Maillet de Boulay. Hoff, Feuerwaffen, I, fig. 253; Kennard, 'Un cadeau pour l' Espagne' Gazette des armes, no. 29, July-August 1975, pp. 34-9. For the history of this gun see under A1128.

    The arms and monogram are those of Joseph Bonaparte as King of Spain, 1808-13. See note under A1128.

    There is a gun in the Royal Collection at Windsor (no. 672) which closely resembles A1129, and bears the same arms, monogram and marks. In the Carlton House inventory it is stated to have been sold with the effects of Jerome Bonaparte (sic) on his retirement from the Kingdom of Westphalia in 1814, bought by Lord Percy in Vienna and presented by the latter to the Prince Regent in March 1815. This gun may very well have formed part of the same set as A1128.

    A double-barrelled gun by Boutet, also believed to have been Joseph Bonaparte's is in the regimental museum of the Rifle Brigade at Winchester.