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Wheel-lock pistol
  • Wheel-lock pistol
  • La Fonteyne
  • Monaco, France
  • 1645
  • Copper alloy, gold, silver, steel, copper, antler, wood and horn, engraved and gilded.
  • Length: 36.8 cm, overall
    Weight: 0.445 kg
  • Inscription: 'Faict a Mourgues La Fonteyne Inventeur 1645'
  • A1182
  • European Armoury III
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  • This fascinating and very delicately-fashioned wheel-lock pistol bears on the lower edge of its lock-plate the inscription ‘Faict a Mourgues par La Fonteyne Inventeur, 1645’. Morgues is thought to be an ancient name for Monaco. There are a number of unusual features on this weapon. For example, the octagonal barrel is made of brass rather than steel, engraved throughout its length and gilt, while the mainspring for the lock is of coil form rather than the more usual leaf-spring. However, even more unusual is the butt-cap, which opens to reveal a compass and sundial.