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Flint-lock pistol with ramrod
  • Flint-lock pistol with ramrod
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Teschen, Silesia
  • early 18th century
  • Steel, antler, ivory, mother-of-pearl and wood, engraved and carved
  • Length: 40.6 cm, overall
    Length: 21.7 cm, barrel
    Width: 1.3 cm, calibre
    Weight: 0.805 kg
  • A1200
  • European Armoury III
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  • Flint-lock pistol, a pair with A1199. The barrel is octagonal at the breech and bounded by a moulding. There are traces of much worn scroll engraving.
    Lock of simple form, with traces of almost obliterated engraving on the lock-plate.

    Stock closely inlaid with antler in a pattern of scrolls and dots, interspersed with engraved plaques in the form of hares and hounds and occasional inlays of mother-of-pearl. The butts are of solid ivory, carved as a bearded head in a Roman helmet, but these are 19th-century restorations which probably replace steel butt-caps of the usual shape. Steel trigger-guard and single steel ramrod pipe. Wooden ramrod with horn tip.

    Silesian (Teschen), early 18th century.

    The inlaid decoration of the stock resembles closely that found on many German guns of the early 17th century, notably those of the Tschinke class (see for example A1105), and belongs to a type which lasted in Germany for nearly a century.

    Flint-lock pistols with this kind of stock decoration are fairly frequently met with in collections and were probably produced in North Germany and neighbouring districts. A pair of pistols in the Royal Armouries (nos. XII. 740, 741) have stocks with somewhat similar inlaid decoration, and also two pairs in the Musée de l' Armée (M 1690, M 1704). A pair of pistols with similarly inlaid stocks and butts carved as classical heads were in the collection of Count L. Th. at Schloss Benatek (Heberle sale, Cologne, 1893, lot 233); in this case the butts were of ebony.

    The fore-ends have been crudely shortened.