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Combined sword and wheel-lock pistol
  • Combined sword and wheel-lock pistol
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Netherlands
  • c. 1785 (sword)
    c. 1640 (lock)
    probably 19th century (barrel)
  • Steel and wood, blued, stamped and engraved
  • Length: 109.2 cm, overall
    Length: 92.7 cm, blade
    Width: 3.6 cm, blade
    Weight: 2.37 kg
  • Inscription: 'MF'
  • A1242
  • European Armoury III
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  • Combined sword and wheel-lock pistol. Basket hilt of blued steel, with flattened spheroidal pommel without button, spirally-fluted, wooden grip bound with steel wire in the grooves, knuckle-guard dividing to form a heart-shaped stool, its outer side linked to the knuckle-guard by four loop-guards from which issue four curved bars to protect the back of the hand. On the inner side is a large thumb-ring.

    Broad blade of flattened hexagonal section with a shallow groove. On the right side below the hilt is attached a wheel-lock pistol.

    The barrel is octagonal at the breech, and round for its remaining length. On the underside is the mark M F.

    Lock-plate shaped to the wheel and chiselled at the end with foliage and flowers in relief and stamped on both exterior and interior with marks. Cock slightly engraved with scrollwork. Pan-cover with spring release. The pistol is discharged by a flat, curved trigger, which projects backwards from the casing surrounding the lock.

    Sword, Dutch naval type, about 1785; lock, Dutch, about 1640; barrel, probably 19th century

    Provenance: A. Monmarqué (...une épée pistolet, 100 fr.; receipted bill, 28 November, 1869); Comte de Nieuwerkerke; however this bill may refer instead to A1241 (S. Gaynor, personal communication, 1984).

    This weapon is a composite and must have been assembled at a comparatively recent date. It is ill-balanced and too heavy for use. J. F. Hayward once possessed a Dutch naval sword with similar hilt dated 1786.