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  • Powder-flask
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Germany
  • 1555
  • Antler and copper alloy, carved
  • Height: 26 cm
    Weight: 0.36 kg
  • Inscription: 'GUT · SEI · LOB · ITVS · VOL · KRA · 1555' 'God be praised, Agapitus Vollkrahen 1555'
    Inscription: 'BK' or 'KB' in monogram
  • A1249
  • European Armoury III
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  • Powder-flask and primer, of antler, with two branches in base, carved in low relief with the arms of Volkrahen of Austria: quarterly, 1-4, a tree eradicated between two magpies (facing the trunk); 2-3 a fesse. Crests: 1, as quarters 1-4; 2, a vol charged with a fesse as 2-3. (The shading of the charges is arbitrary and does not follow the system of representing specific tinctures by shading introduced c. 1600.) The mantling is extended to the back of the flask, where there are carved in low relief three daisies and a scroll inscribed:

    G U T · S E I · L O B · A G A P · I T V S · V O L · K R A · 1·5·5·5·
    ('God be praised, Agapitus Volkrahen 1555')

    Below are the letters B K or K B in monogram. Mounts of brass engraved with foliage. Funnel with a spring-cap and a sliding cut-off; the caps on the branches en suite, one has a lion's mask applied to it which pivots to the side for refilling the flask, the other a small funnel with a spring-cap for priming.

    Austrian, dated 1555.

    The arms are given in J. Sibmacher's New Wapensbuch, Nuremberg, 1605, p. 38.

    The mounts of this flask are probably modern and seem to have been copied from those of A1250.