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  • Powder-flask
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Germany
  • c. 1570
  • Antler and steel, carved and engraved
  • Height: 19.6 cm
    Weight: 0.205 kg
  • A1252
  • European Armoury III
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  • Powder-flask, of antler, roughly triangular in shape, carved on the front in low relief with a figure of Fortune standing upon a porcupine itself standing upon a globe, the back engraved with a large achievement of arms consisting of a shield charged with a chevron, supported by two lions, one sejant and one rampant, and surmounted by a helm, full-face, crested with a demi-figure of a man in armour holding a pole-axe, and backed by two wings each charged with a chevron. The base is carved and engraved with masks and strapwork scrolls in low relief. The funnel and mount of gilt steel is chased with foliage, and a band of guilloche ornament runs round the collar; there is a spring cut-off, but no cap; two rings suspension. A rivet, probably for a belt-hook, survives near the top of the back.

    German, about 1570.

    L' Art Ancien IV, 567 (with a caption noting F. Spitzer as the owner); but it is not (as was thought in 1962) identifyable in the Musée Rétrospectif, 1865.

    Provenance: Frédéric Spitzer.