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Combined wheel-lock spanner and powder-measure
  • Combined wheel-lock spanner and powder-measure
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Germany
  • mid 17th century
  • Steel, blued
  • Length: 17.1 cm
    Length: 29.3 cm, fully extended
  • A1324
  • European Armoury III
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  • Combined wheel-lock key and powder measure, L-shaped, of steel formerly blued. The measure consists of a tube with twelve-sided exterior, within which slides a plunger fixed to a square ratchet the same length as the tube. On the exterior of the tube is a spring-catch, the nose of which engages in the notches of the sliding ratchet. These notches are numbered 1 to 44 and are equidistant one from the other, save for numbers 2 to 7, for which there are no notches. This may correspond to the minimum charge of powder for a pistol.
    Joined to the sliding ratchet by a short neck and set at a slight angle, like the bowl of a tobacco pipe, is a double-ended key-barrel with large and small openings at either end. The barrel has an octagonal exterior, with turned circular mouldings at the neck. When closed the measure forms a handle for the key.

    Probably German, mid-17th century.

    The group of combined spanners and powder-measures to which A1324 belongs are discussed by N. di Carpegna (Firearms, 1975, under no.123).