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  Probably vase 'à ruban' or 'à couronne' of the first size
  • Vase and Cover
  • Probably vase 'à ruban' or 'à couronne' of the first size
  • Manufacture de Sèvres
  • Probably Jean-Claude Chambellan Duplessis, the Elder (1695 - 1774), Designer
    Possibly Jean-Jacques Bachelier (1724 - 1806), Designer, (cover)
  • Sèvres, France
  • c. 1770 - 1775 (vase and cover)
  • Soft-paste porcelain, painted and gilded
  • Object size: 45.7 x 27 cm
  • Incised mark: '· Bo ·'
    Incised mark: A scrolling 'P.T.'
  • C269
  • Study
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  • Introduced in 1763, this egg-shaped vase model has inward scrolling handles and a fluted stem decorated with a pearl- and guilloche-patterned collar.
    Decorated with a ‘beau bleu’ ground colour, the reserves are painted with flowers on the back and an erotic mythological scene on the front. It shows Jupiter in his attempt to woo Callisto, disguised as the nymph’s patroness Diana, and is based on a 1735 engraving by Étienne Fessard after Jean-François de Troy, which is still preserved at Sèvres today.
    The gilt-bronze stand and band on the cover are a later addition, probably from the nineteenth century.