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Vase 'à panneaux' or 'à perles' of the first size
  • Vase and Cover
  • Vase 'à panneaux' or 'à perles' of the first size
  • Manufacture de Sèvres
  • Possibly Étienne Maurice Falconet (1716 - 1791), Designer
    Possibly Jean-Louis Morin (1732 - 1787), Painter, (marine scene)
    Possibly Jean-Baptiste-Etienne Genest (c. 1725 - 1789), Painter, (marine scene)
    Edme-François Bouilliat (1739 - 1810), Painter, (flowers)
    Etienne-Henry Le Guay, The Elder (1719 - 1799), Gilder
  • Sèvres, France
  • c. 1775
    c. 1834 - 1842 (stand)
  • Soft-paste porcelain, painted and gilded. Gilt-bronze stand
  • Object size: 47.4 x 26.9 cm, excluding fixed stand
  • Incised mark: '·F·'
  • C299
  • Front State Room
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  • Illustrating the new neoclassical forms which became fashionable in the 1760s, these vases are decorated with typical elements derived from classical architecture: flutes, meander-like handles, laurel garlands, and the prominent pearl decoration to which this model owes its name.
    Decorated with an overglaze blue ‘bleu nouveau’ ground (introduced in 1763 to replace the underglaze ‘bleu lapis’), the vase has flowers painted on the back and a harbour scene on the front. Although no marks were applied, the flowers can stylistically be attributed to Edme-Francois Bouilliat (op. 1758-1810) and the figural scene by Jean-Louis Morin (op. 1732-1787) or Jean-Baptiste Genest (op. 1752-1789).
    The high quality of the detailed gilded decoration suggests that is was executed by Etienne-Henry Le Guay (op. 1742-3, 1748-9, 1751-96). A long-serving worker, he was the factory’s finest gilder, despite having lost the use of his left hand in a sword fight.
    With a matching pair of ‘vases Bouc de Costes’, this piece was possibly sold to Louis XVI in 1775.
    he gilt-bronze stand is a nineteenth-century addition and probably English.