The Wallace Collection

The Wallace Collection, A Family Collection, A National Museum, An International Treasure House
  • Cabinet
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Burgundy and Paris, France
  • c. 1580
    c. 1860 (heavily restored)
  • Walnut, pine, burr elm, steel hook, steel lock fittings and key
  • Object size: 199.5 x 180.6 x 71 cm
  • F10
  • Smoking Room
Further Reading
  • A late sixteenth-century Burgundian cabinet, restored in the mid-nineteenth century. The cornice, carved panels and standing figures are probably old, but the plinth and bun feet, panelled backs and side panels of both stages are nineteenth-century. The upper stage is decorated with three standing female figures, all supporting baskets of fruit. In the centre is Hecate, goddess of the Underworld, crowned with a crescent moon and encircled by a serpent. The drawer fronts of the lower stage are carved with trophies of arms and the doors with grinning masks and pairs of harpies (birdlike female monsters). The keyholes for the upper and lower sections are both concealed, the upper one by a sliding section of Hecate’s drapery, the lower one by the tongue of the grotesque mask on the plinth of the central term.