The Wallace Collection

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  • Cabinet
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • France
  • c. 1550 (upper stage)
    c. 1865 (lower stage (with exception of side panels))
  • Walnut, oak, greenish-blue and white paint, steel, pine and brass
  • Object size: 217.5 x 135.8 x 61.9 cm
  • F11
  • Smoking Room
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  • This cabinet is characteristic of the many pieces of furniture that were put together in the nineteenth century in response to the fashion for medieval and early Renaissance objects. The doors of the upper stage include oval medallions dating from the mid-sixteenth century, with mythological subjects derived from classical gems. The one on the left shows Hercules and Antaeus, the one on the right Mars and Venus. The male term is of the same period and based on an engraving by Jacques Androuet Du Cerceau (c.1510-c.1584). The female term in the centre of the lower stage is reminiscent of grotesques in Roman wall-paintings and at Raphael’s loggia at the Vatican and might also derive from an engraving by Du Cerceau.