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Lacquer cabinet
  • Lacquer cabinet
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Kyoto (probably), Japan and Paris, France
  • c. 1680
  • Laquered hiba-wood, gilt bronze, gilt copper, powdered gold, silver foil and pear-skin lacquer (nashiji)
  • Object size: 86 x 99 x 54 cm, excluding feet
    Height: 11 cm, feet
  • Label: '29' Black paint on gold leaf
  • F18
  • Billiard Room
Further Reading
  • Japanese lacquer was enormously prized in Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This cabinet, one of a pair, belongs to a type of Japanese cabinet made for export through the Dutch East India Company, though it is of higher quality than most export lacquer. There are ten drawers inside, each with a lacquer front. A number of elements of the exterior, such as mountains, rocks and the roofs of buildings, are raised in low relief and the summit of Mount Fuji has applied silver leaf to represent snow. The gilt-bronze feet are of French late-seventeenth-century manufacture.