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Mantel barometer
  • Mantel barometer
  • Scanegatty , Designer , (of thermometer)
  • Scanegatty, Designer, (of thermometer)
    De Barbarey, Painter, (of medallion)
  • France
  • c. 1780
  • Slate, bronze, griotte marble, gilt bronze, gouache on paper, mahogany, red velvet (lining back panel), glass, enamel, blued steel pointer and gilt brass pointer
  • Object size: 96.7 x 42.2 x 27.5 cm
  • Inscription: 'Thermometre de Réaumur / Par Scanegatty / Clace (by 0 degrees) / Temperé (by 10 degrees) / Vers à Soie (by 19 degrees) / Paris 1753 (by 30 degrees) Engraved
    Inscription: 'Mer DE BARBAREY / Fect 1854'
    Inscription: 'set up Jan 22nd 1921 / H. Hildersley'
  • F95
  • Study
Further Reading
  • Barometer in the form of an obelisk and pedestal, the case veneered over slate and bronze with lapis lazuli and supported on a griotte marble base. The gilt-bronze mounts include a figure of Iris at the top of the obelisk, dolphins’ heads at its base, and a seated Cupid and Neptune on either side of the dial. An oval paper medallion depicting Mercury and Athena crowning Cupid is mounted above the dial.