The Wallace Collection

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  • Corner-cupboard
  • Louis (active between: c.1767) , Converted by
  • Charles Cressent (1685 - 1768), Cabinet Maker
  • France
  • c. 1767 (constructed)
    c. 1750 (date of cabinet they were converted from)
  • Oak, pinewood, amaranth, satiné, rosewood, gilt bronze, brèche d'Alep marble, steel key
  • Height: 96.2 cm
    Width: 69.5 cm
  • Stamp: 'I DUBOIS JME' Largely obliterated
    Label: 'AU PANIER FLEURY, / Rue du Fauxbourg S. Jacques, près / le Val-de-Grace / FLEURY, Maître Ebéniste; fait, / vend & raccommode toutes sortes / d'Ebénisteries, & met les Fontes en / couleur: le tout à juste prix. / A PARIS' (Printed). 'Saint hyacinte (this replaces the words du Fauxbourg S. Jaques, près le Val-de-Grace, which have been crossed out in ink); porte St Michel' (either side of A PARIS) (handwritten)
    Inscription: 'Louis R / Robert / [?] /Ebeniste / droguiste' in pencil
  • F101
  • West Gallery II
Further Reading
  • Probably in the Boudoir or the Grand salon, 2 rue Laffitte, 1871; Modern Gallery, Hertford House, by 1890.