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  • Candlestick
  • François Rémond (1747 - 1812)
  • Jean-Démosthène Dugourc (1749 - 1825), Designer
  • France
  • c. 1783
  • Gilt bronze, steel bolts and rods
  • Height: 42.2 cm
    Diameter: 17 cm, base
  • F175
  • Exhibition Gallery 2
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Further Reading
  • This candlestick and its pair (F174) is attributed to François Rémond, on the basis that they are of the same model that he is known to have supplied in 1783 and 1786 to the marchand mercier Dominique Daguerre. Whether Rémond’s role in the production was confined to the gilding, or whether it also included the casting and chasing is, however, uncertain.
    The candlesticks correspond exactly to a pair shown standing on a green marble table in a watercolour drawing in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, signed by Jean-Démosthène Dugourc (1749-1825) and dated 1790 (inv. no. G F 21 no. 38.378). This drawing, which also illustrates two different designs of candelabra, a porphyry vase and a hardstone table, may have combined executed and unexecuted designs by Dugourc; in his autobiographical notes, he wrote that he had designed in the ‘Arabesque’ and ‘Etruscan’ styles for nine or ten years before the Revolution, which would conform with the dates that this model was produced by Rémond.
    The model exists in a large number of examples, some of which may be later castings.