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Perfume Burner
  • Perfume Burner
  • Pierre Gouthière (1732 - 1813) , (mounts)
  • François-Joseph Belanger (1744 - 1818), Designer
    Augustin Bocciardi (c. 1729 - 1797), Jasper cutter
  • France
  • 1773 - 1775
  • Jasper and gilt bronze
  • Height: 48.3 cm
    Diameter: 21.7 cm, bowl
  • F292
  • Exhibition Gallery 2
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  • The gilt-bronze mounts of this perfume-burner represent the finest work of Pierre Gouthière (1732-1813), one of the leading gilders and chasers in France before the Revolution. It was made for the duc d’Aumont, first gentleman of the king’s bedchamber, and was acquired at his sale in 1782 by Marie-Antoinette. Perfume burners of this kind were modelled on the bronze tripods featured in wall-paintings at Pompeii and Herculaneum. The bowl of this example is made of red jasper, probably cut in the workshop set up by the duc d’Aumont. The mounts feature swags of leaves and berries, satyrs’ masks, a twisted serpent and at the bottom of the legs, goats’ hooves.