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  • Fire-screen
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • France
  • c. 1855 (screen)
    c. 1700 (applied embroidery)
  • Gilt oak, crimson velvet, silver thread, green damask, silver thread ribbon and braid
  • Object size: 125 x 88 x 42 cm, screen
    Height: 81 cm, embroidery panels
    Width: 67.5 cm, embroidery panels
  • F435
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  • This fire-screen was made in France in the middle of the nineteenth century to accommodate two older embroidered panels, perhaps dating from c. 1700. In the latter half of the nineteenth century older textiles such as tapestries and embroidered panels were often mounted on new furniture made in the eighteenth-century style. A fire-screen was designed to protect anyone sitting in front of it from the full heat of the fire. In the summer it was used to hide the empty grate.
    The central panel of the fire-screen is mounted with two panels of embroidery, on one side crimson velvet appliquéd with a motif of radiating leaves and a broad outer ribbon in silver thread, and on the other side a light-green damask appliquéd with a framework of scrolls enclosing an urn on a pedestal, also in silver thread. It is likely that the silver thread ornament was appliquéd onto the velvet and damask at the time the frame was made.