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Snuff box
  • Snuff box
  • Alexandre Leferre , Goldsmith
  • Style of André-Vincent Vielliard (1717 - 1790), (plaques)
  • Paris, France
  • after 1838 (snuff box)
    possibly 18th century (plaques)
  • Gold and soft-paste porcelain, painted
  • Object size: 4.2 x 7.9 x 6 cm
    Weight: 211.6 g
  • Maker's mark: 'A L' in a diamond shape with a bird and an unidentifiable device
    Maker's mark: 'A L' in a diamond shape with an illegible mark and a device that appears to be the head of Mercury
    Warranty mark: An eagle's head in profile, for 1838-1919
    Mark: A hexagonal punch containing a man's head in profile, as third standard mark for gold 1838-1919
    Label: 'Tabatiere, Sèvre / fond blanc / No 2 / Sujet Boucher'
  • G65
  • Boudoir Cabinet
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  • Durlacher, 1872; Sir Richard Wallace, 1782.