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Snuff box
  • Snuff box
  • A. J. Strachan
  • A. J. Strachan
  • London, England
  • mid 18th century
  • Gold, chased and engraved
  • Object size: 3.8 x 7.9 x 6.2 cm
    Weight: 246.2 g
  • Maker's mark: 'AJ'
    Date mark: Illegible, perhaps 1797-8 or 1799-1800
    Mark: A head in profile
  • G74
  • Boudoir Cabinet
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  • We do not know whether the 4th Marquess of Hertford or Sir Richard Wallace acquired this box, but it is highly likely that either would have considered it to be a work produced by a Parisian eighteenth-century goldsmith, perhaps around the middle of the century. At the time that Strachan was working, there was intense interest in works of the Ancien Regime and it is possible that he copied a French box when he made this one.
    Few if any other boxes by Strachan seem to be decorated in this taste but this box seems to be a successful essay in historicism by a very competent goldsmith. He worked frequently for the royal goldsmiths, Rundell, Bridge and Rundell, as an outside contractor making gold boxes.