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Snuff box
  • Snuff box
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • After Charles-Antoine Coypel (1694 - 1752), (enamels)
    After Louis Silvestre (1675 - 1760), (enamel, lid)
  • Berlin, Germany
  • c. 1760
  • Gold, diamonds and enamel, engraved
  • Object size: 4.2 x 8.5 x 6.4 cm
    Weight: 391.1 g
  • G81
  • Boudoir Cabinet
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  • Oblong snuff box of gold. The miniatures on the top and bottom are set within a proscenium stage, on the top created by an elaborate canopy of diamonds while on the bottom it is formed by an enamel cartouche. Scenes are from the 16th-century epic poem Gerusalemme Liberata, by Torquato Tasso. On the cover Rinaldo is shown reclining in a garden in Armida’s arms, holding a mirror before her, on the base Armida covers Rinaldo with flowers, on the front Armida approaches the sleeping Rinaldo with a dagger, and on the back Armida is left by Rinaldo. The scenes on the back, and possibly the front and base, are after designs by Charles-Antoine Coypel (1694-1752) whilst that on the cover is taken from an engraving by Nicolas Chateau after a drawing by Louis de Silvestre (1675-1760) now in the British Museum, a later painting of the same subject was formerly in Dresden.