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Snuff box
  • Snuff box
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • After François Boucher (1703 - 1770), (miniatures)
  • Germany, Hanau, probably
  • c. 1765-75
  • Gold and enamel, chased
  • Object size: 3.2 x 6.7 x 5.1 cm
    Weight: 120.2 g
  • Mark: 148
    Maker's mark: Crowned 'AP / C', flanked by two identical marks, which include circles and branches or sunbursts Stamped
  • G87
  • Boudoir Cabinet
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Further Reading
  • The scene on the lid depicts The Rape of Europa, where Jupiter takes the form of a Bull. It is taken from Claude Duflos le Jeune’s engraving of ‘L’Enlèvement d’Europe’ (1752) after the painting by François Boucher (1703-70). On the front is another scene taken from an engraving after Boucher, which demonstrates the way in which these prints circulated throughout Europe and were adapted into different forms of decorative art. This one depicts a scene from the countryside around Charenton, engraved in 1747, and it is possible that the other enamels are also adapted from similar views of the area surrounding Beauvais which were painted by Boucher, who was associated with the tapestry works in the town.
    The Greek key pattern around the sides illustrates the Hanau goldsmiths’ familiarity with Parisian fashions but is more of an interpretation than the architecturally correct form found in French decorative art.