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Jupiter and Antiope
  • Jacques Charlier (1706 - 1790)
  • After Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre (1714 - 1789)
  • Jupiter and Antiope
  • France
  • 1750s or 1760s
  • Miniature
  • Gouache on ivory
  • Image size: 5.6 x 8.1 cm
    Frame size: 7.8 x 9.1 cm
  • Inscription: 'Charlier, 21'
  • M62
  • Boudoir Cabinet
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Further Reading
  • This miniature is copied from a painting by Jean-Baptiste-Marie Pierre (1714-1789) today in the Prado in Madrid. Pierre’s work, dated to the early 1750s on stylistic grounds, is paired with a painting of ‘Diana and Callisto’. Unfortunately nothing is known about the provenance of the two paintings which could help to determine the date or earlier history of the miniature. The dimensions and composition of the two canvases in Madrid suggest that they were originally intended as overdoors – paintings which were hung above doorways, usually inserted into the decoration of the wall. The richly ornamented frames of Rococo overdoors often partly covered the canvases. Thus in Pierre’s paintings the composition is concentrated in the centre of the canvas, leaving the corners empty. There is no doubt that Charlier worked from Pierre’s original, because he followed its colours closely. He may, however, have seen the painting after it had been installed as part of a decorative scheme, since, while the central part with the two figures is copied literally from Pierre’s model, the miniature differs considerably from the canvas in the upper corners, which may by then have been covered. The date of the model and the freer, sketchy style of the miniature both suggest a date in the 1750s or 1760s. A miniature of ’Danaë’ by Charlier, also in the Wallace Collection (M139), is loosely based on Pierre’s pendant painting in the Prado, ‘Diana and Callisto’, demonstrating that he must have had access to the pair.