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Louis XV
  • After Louis-Michel Vanloo (1707 - 1771)
  • Louis XV
  • France
  • c. 1760 - 1780
  • Miniature
  • Painted on ivory
  • Image size: 3.7 x 3 cm
    Frame size: 3.9 x 3.1 cm
    Overall size: 5 x 3.1 cm, with hook
  • M123
  • Boudoir Cabinet
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Further Reading
  • This miniature is based, with variations in the costume, on the state portrait by L. M. Van Loo painted in 1761. Another miniature, following the Van Loo more closely, is in the collection of H.M. The Queen at Windsor Castle, signed by J. D. Welper. This miniature does not appear to be by the same hand.