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Caroline, duchesse de Berry
  • Lizinka-Aimée-Zoé de Mirbel (1796 - 1849)
  • Caroline, duchesse de Berry
  • France
  • c.1828
  • Miniature
  • Watercolour on ivory
  • Sight size: 11.1 x 8.7 cm
  • Inscription: 'No. 1979 (?), dcij. Lcn / La duchess de Berry / Par Madame / de Mirbel'
    Label: '1689'
    Label: 'No 220 / D E (?) / M.'
  • M281
  • West Gallery III
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  • Portraits of the duchesse de Berry, mother of the 'enfant de miracle' Prince Henri (the sole hope for the continuation of the Bourbon line after the murder of his father in 1820), were painted by such major artists as Gérard, Vigée Le Brun and Lawrence. She brought an enthusiastic and impulsive personality to what was often a dull and stuffy Bourbon court, and she was a notable collector of contemporary paintings. This miniature presents an unusually direct and engaging impression of one of the senior members of the Bourbon family. It was painted by Madame de Mirbel, nee Lizinka-Aimée-Zoé Rue, who was a very successful portrait miniaturist of the period.