The Wallace Collection

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This object is currently being catalogued
  • Table-clock
  • This object is currently being catalogued
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Augsburg, Germany, and France?
  • 17th and 19th centuries (case modified)
    mid 17th century (movement)
    late 16th century (case)
  • Copper, gold, silver, enamel and brass, cast, chased, embossed and gilded
  • Height: 41.9 cm
  • W119
  • Sixteenth Century Gallery
  • Prince Petr Soltykoff, Paris, between 1858-61; Soltykoff sale April 1861, no.386; Allègre collection; Allègre sale, Paris, May 1872, no. 334; bought by Mannheim for 22,200 francs for Sir Richard Wallace