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The Ages of Love
  • Hexagonal Salt
  • The Ages of Love
  • Attributed to Colin Nouailher (active between: 1539-1545)
  • Limoges, France
  • 1542
    1450 - 1599
  • On a pair of hollow copper bases, each consisting of six rectangular side panels of similar dimensionssealed by hexagonal top and base sections with broad borders and central, circular wells, The Ages of Love is depicted in grisaille enamel and translucent enamels with silver-grey details and with enlevage and gilding. The counter-enamel is not visible.
  • Height: 8 cm
    Diameter: 11.4 cm
    Weight: 204.2 g
  • Inscription: Various, mainly on the theme of age and lovemaking Gilded
  • C576
  • Sixteenth Century Gallery
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  • Probably Durlacher; Sir Richard Wallace, 20 March 1879.