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  • Goblet
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Probably Venice, or 'façon de Venise', possibly Netherlands
  • 17th century
  • Mulberry glass bowl, colourless glass stem and foot; mould-blown, applied and tooled features.
  • Height: 18.2 cm
    Diameter: 8.6 cm
  • C550
  • Sixteenth Century Gallery
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  • Of the few published glasses akin in form to this goblet none matches the accomplishment, finesse and exuberance of this stunning glass. Its bowl shape, stem form and combination of a coloured bowl and colourless stem are all features that are independently dated to the seventeenth century.
    This stem form occurs frequently on glasses with various bowl shapes dated from the second half of the sixteenth to the end of the seventeenth century and attributed to Venice or as being in the Venetian style ('façon de Venise'). This is the case with the bowl shape, which is found in combination with various stem forms usually dated to the seventeenth century and attributed to Venice or as 'façon de Venise'.
    Drinking glasses of fine quality in the Venetian style were much appreciated in the Netherlands, where the standard of glass-making was very high. Although this glass was probably made in Venice, the possibility that it was inspired by Venetian glass-making but made elsewhere, perhaps in the Netherlands, cannot be excluded.