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Still life with a Page
  • Joannes Fyt (1611 - 1661)
  • Possibly Erasmus Quellinus (1607 - 1678), (boy)
  • Still life with a Page
  • Southern Netherlands
  • 1644
  • Painting
  • Oil on canvas
  • Image size: 121.5 x 205 cm
    Frame size: 150 x 233 x 19 cm
  • Signature: '.ioannes. FYT /. 1644.'
  • P101
  • Large Drawing Room
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Further Reading
  • The dramatic, monumental composition set in a grand architectural interior is typical of Fyt’s work and of mid-seventeenth century Flemish still-life painting in general. A note of extra drama is added to the composition by the blood-stained cloth and the contrast of the dead game with the live monkey, dog and parrot. The boy appears to have been added by another artist: an attribution to Erasmus Quellinus has been suggested. The picture was thought to be by Snyders when purchased with a companion piece, Snyders’s Pantry Scene with a Page P72.