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A Gentleman with his two Daughters
  • Gonzales Coques (1614 - 1684)
  • A Gentleman with his two Daughters
  • Southern Netherlands
  • c.1664
  • Painting
  • Oil on copper
  • Image size: 48.7 x 61.2 cm
    Frame size: 74.3 x 87 cm
  • P162
  • East Drawing Room
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  • A widower proudly shows off his two daughters before a portrait of his late wife. The two little girls are presented as ideal examples of budding feminine charm, both pretty and modest in attitude. The elder also displays her proficiency on the guitar. During the eighteenth century, this picture was believed to depict Coques himself and his family, but it does not accord with the artist’s engraved self-portrait of 1646, and he is known to have had only one daughter by his first wife.