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The Boudoir
  • Jean-Baptiste Pater (1695 - 1736)
  • The Boudoir
  • France
  • c.1733
  • Painting
  • Oil on canvas
  • Image size: 32 x 40 cm
  • P405
  • Small Drawing Room
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Further Reading
  • The subject probably illustrates one of Lafontaine's "Contes". Eight scenes by Pater after Lafontaine were engraved by Pierre Fillœul; the engravings were announced between 1733 and 1736. The painting in the Wallace Collection was not engraved, so that the identification of the scene is uncertain. Fillœul owned ten paintings by Pater and this might have been one of the two additional ones that were not engraved. They were most likely all painted as model for the engraver. A smaller painting (panel, 16,5 x 20,3 cm) is in the David-Weill collection in Paris. It is sketchier in style and might have been a first step towards the more finished larger version in the Wallace Collection. A drawing for the reclining woman is in the Musée Jacquemart-André in Paris. The paintings after Lafontaine and a series of fourteen paintings after Paul Scarron in Potsdam are Pater's masterworks as an illustrator.