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Seated Nymph with Flutes
  • Studio of François Boucher (1703 - 1770)
  • Seated Nymph with Flutes
  • France
  • c. 1750s
  • Painting
  • Oil on canvas
  • Image size: 96 x 140 cm
    Made up to, Object size: 101 x 147 cm
  • P481
  • Dining Room
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Further Reading
  • The painting may depict Euterpe, the muse of lyrical poetry, who is said to have invented the flute or Thalia, the muse of comedy and pastoral poetry. The picture was painted as an overdoor to be inserted into a wall decoration. With its later pendant P490, it relates to Boucher’s work of the early 1750s, but is of a lower painterly quality and was probably painted by different artists working in the master’s studio. Numerous versions of both paintings are known. Another version is dated 1752 (private collection).