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The Muse Clio
  • Studio / Workshop of François Boucher (1703 - 1770)
  • The Muse Clio
  • c. 1750s
  • Painting
  • Oil on canvas
  • Image size: 96 x 140 cm
    Made up to, Object size: 101 x 147 cm
  • P490
  • Dining Room
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Further Reading
  • The painting of Clio, muse of history, has at some point formed part of the same decorative ensemble as P481 as the two paintings share the same dimensions and later provenance. In 1756, however, this painting and one of the Muse Erato were engraved by Jean Daullé as belonging to the Marquise de Pompadour. Numerous versions of both paintings engaved by Daullé are known, and it is not certain which were used as models for the engraving. Given its limited quality, it is unlikely that the Wallace Collection painting was owned by Pompadour. Daullé's engraving of Clio is in reverse (unlike the Erato) which might indicate that Pompadour's Clio was oriented the other way. A miniature by Jacques Charlier after Boucher's composition is also in the Wallace Collection.