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Rousseau and Mlle. Galley gathering Cherries
  • Camille (Joseph-Étienne) Roqueplan (1800 - 1855)
  • Rousseau and Mlle. Galley gathering Cherries
  • France
  • 1851
  • Painting
  • Oil on panel (of walnut with a mahogany strip 6cm wide across the top)
  • Object size: 65.8 x 48 cm
    Image size: 65 x 47 cm
    with frame, Object size: 92 x 73.5 x 12 cm
  • Signature: 'Clle Roqueplan. 1851' lle in small superscript after C
  • P612
  • Cloakroom
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Further Reading
  • A version of the painting by Roqueplan exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1836. The subject is taken from Rousseau’s 'Confessions' (I, iv). In 1731 the nineteen-year-old Rousseau went cherry-picking with Mlles. Galley and de Graffenried: ‘Once, Mlle. Galley, holding out her apron and throwing back her head, presented such a target that I threw the cherries right into her bosom. How we laughed! If my lips were only cherries, I said to myself, how willingly I’d throw them!’ Roqueplan painted another scene from Rousseau's 'Confessions' - Rousseau leading the horses of Mlles. Galley and de Graffenried through a stream, an incident immediately preceding the cherry throwing scene.