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Dogs with Flowers and Dead Game
  • Alexandre-François Desportes (1661 - 1743)
  • Dogs with Flowers and Dead Game
  • France
  • c. 1715
  • Painting
  • Oil on canvas
  • Image size: 128 x 160.5 cm
  • Signature: 'Desportes'
  • P628
  • Dining Room
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Further Reading
  • The painting is a brilliant example of the more ambitious buffets Desportes began to paint at the end of Louis XIV’s reign. Desportes followed the Flemish still-life tradition that was popular in Paris and that he absorbed from his teacher Bernaerts but developed a harmonious colour scheme and more dramatic compositions. The fragment of a capital in the composite order indicates that the painting was intended for a high-ranking patron. From Bonnier de la Mosson's collection, the painting is recorded with its pendant P594: Both pendants were probably meant to hang on the same wall as the light comes from the left in both cases. The first known owner, Joseph Binner de la Mosson, had built up an important collection on natural history.