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Hope and Charity (after Raphael)
  • Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780 - 1867)
  • After Raphael (1483 - 1520)
  • Hope and Charity (after Raphael)
  • France
  • 1830 - 1862
  • Drawing
  • Pencil and grey wash on paper
  • Overall size: 35.2 x 36.2 cm, washed area
  • Signature: 'Ingres à son ami Calamatta'
    Sketch: Depicting part of a garden plan
  • P767
  • Not on display
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  • Four separate drawings laid down on grey-washed paper. They are copied from the figures in two of the three predella panels of the Borghese Entombment (Rome, Vatican Pinacoteca), painted in 1507 by Raphael. Either the paintings or reproductive prints could have been Ingres’s source (making the drawings very difficult to date). Hope is above Charity, with on the left a child symbolising Christian Charity, and on the right, Hope. Since his boyhood Ingres had been devoted to Raphael. The dedicatee, Luigi Calamatta (1802-69), was an engraver who produced eighteen plates after Ingres and remained his life-long friend. Being a classical drawing this is an exceptional work within the context of the Wallace Collection. It may have been acquired by Richard Wallace as part of the Both de Tauzia collection rather than as a separate purchase.