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Study of Four Draped Figures
  • Polidoro da Caravaggio (c. 1499 - c. 1543)
  • Study of Four Draped Figures
  • Italy
  • 1517 - 1518
  • Drawing
  • Red chalk on paper
  • Overall size: 10.8 x 15.6 cm
  • Inscription: 'RAFAELLE'
    Inscription: '106' Later hand
    Inscription: 'raffaelle'
    Inscription: 'di Raffaelle d'Urbo.'
    Inscription: 'di Rafael de urbino'
  • P775
  • Not on display
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Further Reading
  • The recto is a preparatory figure study for a Polidoro composition known from an engraving (in reverse) by P.S. Bartoli (c.1635-1700) entitled Joseph before Pharaoh (Genesis XLI). The original, typically relief-like, composition was painted in grisaille by Polidoro on the wainscot of the twelfth bay of the Vatican Logge (subsequently destroyed by the construction of a doorway). The surviving grisailles in the same bay depict episodes from the life of Solomon. Polidoro worked as an assistant of Raphael on the Logge, so the present drawing, which was listed as a work by Raphael in the 1890 Hertford House inventory, may have been based on a Raphael sketch.